Today I finished this painting of Lorne where I spent my teenage years in the Summer. Swimming, smoking, drinking and eating dim sims, potato cakes and cinnamon donuts. In the shadows under the gumtrees in this spot. I sat in the passenger seat of the Sandman whilst my best friend was in the back with ‘Mr Peninsula 1981’.

Accadacca was blaring on the pioneer and I sat there for hours. (Why?) I drew and wrote silly poems to amuse myself. I wondered if his cute friend Philip was coming down to join us at the beach. I got out of the car and went to speak to a bloke who was painting. We talked for a long time. I felt in my skin again. I threw away my scribbles and returned back to the house to carefully reapply the black lines of kohl around my eyes and go to the pub.

The most creative I thought I could be was tricking mum and dad that I had only 2 drinks when actually had a lot more… cans of G&T UDL! So this painting is a bit of a rewind. I’d like to imagine I’d keep my Mr Peninsula waiting whilst I got my easel and then threw it noisily on top of his surf board. Told him where to park and then set myself up to paint and said come back in 3 hours. Bliss. Instead I sat in the passenger seat and bit my nails and criticised myself. That’s me and my muse in this picture walking to find good painting spots. I swapped my denim mini for some dungarees. Feeling happy, confident, blessed. Painting dreams.

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