Murray River

Working on this painting during the wee hours on the weekend. Weirdly a playlist came on which evoked the time in the 1970s when I spent many happy hours on and around this river which runs silently in the background of my life. The Murray River evokes an epic as a puddle a vignette. When I was painting this the Gerry and the Pacemakers song ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ song came on 3 times (on a random playlist) and has been my ear 👂 🐛 worm for 3 days now. When I listened to the words properly today I heard it was about yearning for ones past and ones roots after one has left their home to seek success. Funnily enough my family sailed from Liverpool to Australia seeking a better life. What is success? And what is most precious that one must hold onto over time? If I could just sleep on the banks of the Murray in my sleeping bag (like a 🐛caterpillar ) as I did in my 20s and look up at the stars and see the southern cross. Listen to the pop and snap of the muddy currents from the sandy banks. Go with the flow of the river (fight the river or panic and you drown) Be still. And know we are going to the sea.

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